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Xbox Smartglass

Microsoft unveiled something that sounds very cool at their E3 press conference this afternoon.

Game of Thrones was demonstrated as an example, with the SmartGlass app displaying an interactive map of Westeros, pinpointing where the action in a given scene was taking place.

Finally, a smart TV app with a decent usage case. If this app can help someone track down and kill that little beggar Joffrey, then it’s worth whatever Microsoft will be charging.

The Year of Living Digitally

My friend recommended this blog to me. It’s about a guy who has decided that he and his family are going to receive all their media (Music, TV and movies) digitally and legally for the next 365 days. He is using services like itunes for music and TV, and Xbox live marketplace and Amazon Unbox for his movies. He is also using something called “Akimbo”, but I haven’t had time to read  up on what exactly that is. I am almost at the point where he is without experimentation, for both music and TV. I do enjoy the cinema experience though, I would miss that, even for a year. Click here for a good read.