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Neilsen partner with Twitter for a new ratings measurement

As headline

I am very interested to see whether this will be supported by both parties, and reported in broadcasters ratings press releases.

Breaking Bad, Depending Where You Are

The Guardian has a story about the return of Breaking Bad, and how to avoid spoilers should you choose not to watch it live:

Sometime around mid-May, when television aficionados had to choose between Game of Thrones and Mad Men – two very different shows whose viewers made for a surprisingly overlapping Venn diagram – the conversation briefly became less about the shows themselves and more about how we were watching them. What were you watching live, and what were you streaming later? Did you have an HBO Go login (or, be honest, borrow a friend’s)? Did you stream, did you pay, did you Torrent, did you YouTube? Did you spread it out over the following week? Sunday night television was and is a feast, and it’s up to us how we order the courses.

One day all English speaking territories will watch the debut of a new AMC drama on an AMC app on your smart TV at the same time, and the worldwide ratings will be published proudly the next morning by the broadcaster. One day.


Interested in pilots for shows you won’t be able to see until September? No, I can’t give you the BitTorrent links, but what I can do is provide you with the hashtag above.

Search #pilotwatch2012 on Twitter and you will be rewarded with short reviews of your soon-to-be favourite shows. Although judging by the reviews, only “The Following” and “The Mindy Project” have escaped the wrath of the tweeters.