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Apple TV will partner with cable, not kill it

Article from Forbes on how Apple with work with existing providers, rather than challenge them.

 If Apple was going to kill the cable companies with TV, they would have also had to kill the carriers when they introduced the iPhone. They would have had to come up with their own wifi transmission system to bypass the carriers. They chose to partner with them. And they will choose to partner with the cable companies.

If a slick looking user interface and easier access to apps is all Apple are offering, they will have their work cut out. It needs to be better than everything people are currently receiving, at a price that makes people want to switch. Easier said than done, but not impossible.

The Future of Pay TV

I’m not letting this go, am I? Three HBO articles in three days. I can’t stress enough how important it would be for the industry if HBO were to take the plunge and sell their content direct to consumers, bypassing traditional cable and satellite systems.

This Economist article does a fantastic job of laying out the history of the situation, why HBO are best placed to turn the traditional TV model on it’s head, and what they stand to lose or gain as a result. the best part from a UK point of view is:

If HBO were to try selling its programmes directly via the internet it would have a hugely disruptive effect on the television business—more disruptive than anything Netflix or any other company has yet done. A dramatic move may come sooner outside America. In 90-odd countries HBO programmes are licensed to other channels, not shown on a channel of their own. In markets where there are plenty of tablet computers, Mr Nelson says, the firm could offer HBO Go as a stand-alone product.

Anything that takes the power out of BSkyB’s hands (Sky Atlantic) works for me. Good article, make sure you read it all. There will be a test later.