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I Hate Fox!

 come back from my relaxing holiday and whats the first thing I see in my inbox? Fox have more or less cancelled the greatest comedy of my adult life, Arrested Development.

In the past, none of the apparently good TV programs that Fox cancelled before their time affected me (Except maybe Keen Eddie), but now I really don’t like them!

Americans just never understood it. Head and shoulders above the next funniest thing on TV, the recent “retarded British Charlize Theron” storyline? funny funny funny!! Tobias Funke?? Funny funny!! George Michael and Ann?? Shit man…

You can try and save the show by signing petitions here and here, but I do believe its toooo late.

The last episodes will air on FOX in December, and BBC Four late next year. If you are not in the US, get it from Bittorrent for free quicker.. Thats right I said it! Steal it, Fox owe you big time!!