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Using the internet as a test bed for TV.

GigaOm on using the internet as a test bed for international success for US TV shows.

This early success was enough for ProSiebenSat.1 to bring another U.S. show online:Spartacus debuted on MyVideo in March, and brought the site 13.5 million views. Encouraged by that success, ProSiebenSat.1 decided to air the show on TV too, where it became a success as well.

It would be interesting to find out how much ProSieben paid for these rights. If it’s cheap enough, and they are happy to write a  show off if it isn’t an internet hit, then this may be a strategy worth pursuing.

Community and “Teh Internets”

Wonderful article on Gawker about why community is the most popular comedy on the internet. One thing I agree with is the first comment below the story: 

I think it misses out an opportunity to discuss why the ratings for the two shows are so disparate: that is, those that drive the subculture of the internet are by enlarge time-shifters and multiple-platform watchers (i.e. Community watchers), whereas Big Bang Theory watchers are more traditional viewers. It is of note too, that traditional viewers are not always older, but they are often far less tech-savvy. Unfortunately, the rating’s system today continues to value old-school non-time-shifted viewership more.

Maybe younger people need a “Watch Live” call to action to save their favourite shows? Just until ratings systems are overhauled…