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Xbox Smartglass

Microsoft unveiled something that sounds very cool at their E3 press conference this afternoon.

Game of Thrones was demonstrated as an example, with the SmartGlass app displaying an interactive map of Westeros, pinpointing where the action in a given scene was taking place.

Finally, a smart TV app with a decent usage case. If this app can help someone track down and kill that little beggar Joffrey, then it’s worth whatever Microsoft will be charging.

Game of Thrones on Track to be Most Pirated Show of 2012. Duh.

MG Seigler reports that Season 2 of the HBO show Game of Thrones is on track to become the most pirated show of 2012.

Now I don’t know how much HBO costs exactly (I’m in the UK), but I know you need to have a basic cable subscription in addition to an HBO plan. There is quite literally no other option to watch the show legally for the first few months after linear transmission.

How long will HBO allow this situation to continue before they partner with Google/Hulu/Anyone to release episodes online days after first playout? As long as their carriage negotiations with Comcast, Time Warner et al continue to bring in the billions.

Game of Thrones on SNL

AllthingsD explain why this SNL sketch about Game of Thrones isn’t available on

Periodically, NBC ends up in a position where it can’t use the Internet to distribute its TV show, because someone complained about a copyright issue after the show aired.

… So who griped? Not us, say HBO’s reps, and that makes sense, since the clip is first and foremost a great ad for the pay channel.

“Rights issue,” says NBC, without elaborating. So the best guess here is that someone who owns the rights to the “Game of Thrones” soundtrack complained.

It’s a real shame copyright issues continue to hamper the distribution of good content, I would advise anyone to watch the sketch at the link provided before it disappears.