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Will The Return Of Arrested Development Change The Way We Consume TV?

Arrested Development is returning to our screens, and The Guardian asks if the delivery of all 10 episodes at once via Netflix show will change the way we consume TV.

On the other hand: isn’t this already happening? Take Mad Men as an example: I’m waiting for the new series to come out on DVD, but other people I know stream it illegally straight after it airs in America, and a handful of crazy nonconformists even watch – or record – it via Sky Atlantic. As a result, because we’re all getting our information at different times, it’s becoming natural to exercise a basic level of caution when discussing plot points; to try and sidestep spoilers. The more shows do this, the more normal this behaviour becomes.

I think I would prefer the anticipation of a week to week delivery, but I’ll take it however it comes. To be honest, I’m pretty sure that 20th Century Fox will sell the show to international broadcasters outside the US, so The Guardian shouldn’t worry about breaking the linear delivery mould.