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The Tech and TV worlds merge

What a week! Every time I started writing about some potential monumental shift in the TV landscape, another company made a bold move worth writing about. So I will attempt to summarise below, in no particular order.

In the most exciting news, Amazon announced a London R&D office, to help lead development on TV and Film services. 

Finally in a surprise turn of events, BSkyB announced an investment in Roku to develop new streaming hardware and services. There motives are unclear to me at this time, other than a scattergun approach to the fight against Netflix and Lovefilm.

Google announced details for their fiber network in Kansas City, including a ‘Fiber TV’ service that some major networks have not signed up for. The prices are pretty amazing, and it makes me wonder how easy it would be for Google to rollout this kind of product across a part (or all) of London.

Facebook announced their first international engineering office in London. Not strictly TV related, but important as a sign of US tech companies looking to London as an important outpost. 

These are exciting times indeed, if you are in London and want to be part of the next wave of TV services…

Amazon designing TV’s future?

Amazon announced yesterday that they are opening a hub in East London to design future film and TV services. Paula Byrne, the managing director of the team said:

Innovation is part of the Amazon DNA and we are creating a British centre of excellence to design and develop the next generation of TV and film services for a wide range of digital devices.

This intrigues me.

Amazon Move Into Kids TV

A bold move from the former book store.

Amazon Studios is inviting developers to submit proposals for original kids’ and comedy shows. The best will be distributed through Amazon Instant Video…. 

If a show is optioned, the creator gets $10,000. If Amazon decides to develop the show as a series, “the creator will receive a $55,000 payment, up to 5 percent of Amazon’s net receipts from toy and t-shirt licensing, and other royalties and bonuses.”

This is great for Amazon, if it works they have original programming exclusive to Kindle Fire, and they get to sell the toys on their store. Well played.