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Youview Launch Reaction

The long delayed Youview launched yesterday to a mixed reaction on both sides of the atlantic. Here in the UK the price of the box was questioned, and I have to say (without knowing component prices) that it would have been far better for all concerned if they had managed to get it to retail for under £200.

Over in the US the timing was questioned, and whether it was still relevant in the era of the Smart TV, and the $99/£99 boxes that do all the catchup you desire.

Personally I think it’s late, nothing can be done about that, but there is a world outside the tech blogosphere that doesn’t know it was coming, so it’s not late to them. This large set of consumers don’t want to pay monthly for TV, but they would like an easier way of watching yesterdays/last weeks/last years shows.

I haven’t seen the Youview EPG/Guide up close, but I’m assuming it does that at the very least, and as the price comes down I imagine they will have a replacement for Freeview.

The UK is great adopting tech like this if the proposition is right, so let’s hope the marketing team at Youview don’t mess up what could be a fantastic platform for the future for British Television.