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HBO pilots

Vulture have some news on two upcoming HBO pilots.

Spotify for TV?

Thoughts on Spotify potentially diversifying from music to TV over at Paidcontent:

The latest peddler is Danish public broadcaster TV2, whose Beep tech site says it has learned that Spotify is negotiating to distribute HBO’s upcoming HBO Nordic over-the-top pay-TV service across Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

I have recently come to love Spotify, now that I have figured out how to restrict the social integration to people I don’t mind seeing my musical tastes (Kajagoogoo anyone?). If they can pull off something similar with HBO, Showtime et al, allowing friends to share and discover new shows, then it would be a welcome addition to any smart TV or set top box.

Damon Lindelof’s Next Project? The Leftovers for HBO

Screenrant report that Damon Lindelof will helm the leftovers for HBO:

The metaphysical questions posed in the novel are clearly ones familiar to Lindelof, who dealt with similarly large themes in Lost and Prometheus, so it’s easy to understand why he was drawn to the material. In an interview with Vulture, Lindelof delves into the concepts that attracted him, and how they relate to his past work.

More here.

Oh, you can’t see the video above? Long story short, the television industry has not yet worked out how perception is affected by poor user experience.

HBO have made the first episode of the very good Newsroom available on Youtube, but due to righhts clearances, it is only available in selected territories.

At the very least, there should be a message about when you will be able to enjoy this slice of Sorkin magic in your own region, but even that is beyond the powers that be.

It’s not too much for HBO to hold onto the worldwide online streaming rights to premieres of all their properties, but failing that they should take a look at a user experience that lets expectant/excited viewers down more gently than the message above.

The Future of Pay TV

I’m not letting this go, am I? Three HBO articles in three days. I can’t stress enough how important it would be for the industry if HBO were to take the plunge and sell their content direct to consumers, bypassing traditional cable and satellite systems.

This Economist article does a fantastic job of laying out the history of the situation, why HBO are best placed to turn the traditional TV model on it’s head, and what they stand to lose or gain as a result. the best part from a UK point of view is:

If HBO were to try selling its programmes directly via the internet it would have a hugely disruptive effect on the television business—more disruptive than anything Netflix or any other company has yet done. A dramatic move may come sooner outside America. In 90-odd countries HBO programmes are licensed to other channels, not shown on a channel of their own. In markets where there are plenty of tablet computers, Mr Nelson says, the firm could offer HBO Go as a stand-alone product.

Anything that takes the power out of BSkyB’s hands (Sky Atlantic) works for me. Good article, make sure you read it all. There will be a test later.

HBO Doesn’t Want Your Money

A rebuttal to my earlier article about consumers wanting a standalone HBO Go app, or A la carte programming.

It’s just not enough — on either a per-subscriber or cumulative basis — to drive HBO away from its lucrative, long-term relationships with cable companies. If you could come up with $1 billion a month, maybe they’d talk. But $12 per sub? Nope.

But if they don’t leap sooner rather than later, their business will ZZZzzzzzzz. I’m bored of this now, I’ll come back and laugh at this post in 20 years while wearing my HBO “holo-glasses”.

Take My Money HBO!

Hats off to whoever started this fantastic campaign, giving viewers a chance to let HBO know how much they would pay for a standalone app, instead of the current app that needs to be tied to a cable subscription.

I would pay upwards of £10 a month for this in the UK.

Game of Thrones on Track to be Most Pirated Show of 2012. Duh.

MG Seigler reports that Season 2 of the HBO show Game of Thrones is on track to become the most pirated show of 2012.

Now I don’t know how much HBO costs exactly (I’m in the UK), but I know you need to have a basic cable subscription in addition to an HBO plan. There is quite literally no other option to watch the show legally for the first few months after linear transmission.

How long will HBO allow this situation to continue before they partner with Google/Hulu/Anyone to release episodes online days after first playout? As long as their carriage negotiations with Comcast, Time Warner et al continue to bring in the billions.

Lena Dunham - Hannah Horvath in HBO’s Girls.

Lena Dunham - Hannah Horvath in HBO’s Girls.

Girls and Veep renewed.

In other news that is sure to delight viewers of both shows, HBO renewed Veep and Girls for second seasons today. Veep comes to Sky Atlantic in June, Girls is TBA.