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Fox and FX shows have been removed from the iTunes store

In a dispute which may have something to do with network branding, FOX and FX shows have been (temporarily I hope) removed from the iTunes store. 

Kurt Sutter, producer of Sons of Anarchy, had this to say before he took the blogpost down:

The truth is, Apple will be the one hurt the most.  We all know how insanely dedicated SOA fans are.  It they want to see the episode they WILL FIND IT by any means necessary.   
If you want to do the right thing and watch it legally, just go to AMAZON here: SOVEREIGN 501.
Spread the word, pull the apple out of your ass.

Strong words, which were later deleted, and then found thanks to the magic of google’s cache. I agree with Kurt that networks need to be able to brand their shows, and drive back to linear TV wherever possible. But then again, if a product has been purchased, isn’t the customer entitled to a logo-free experience? Discuss. (Not with me, amongst each other).

Why Arrested Development on Netflix could change everything

Great piece on Giga OM about the impact Arrested Development could have on the fortunes of Netflix, and the wider TV distribution chain.

The TV singularity approaching us consumers of media is at times a scary one: We’re used to shows that cost millions an episode, but we’re also now used to consuming whatever we want, wherever and whenever we want. Some people think that going forward, these two mindsets won’t be able to co-exist. But Netflix seems to disagree, and the Bluths may be the ones to prove it.

With Hulu Co-pro’ing The Thick of It, I wonder if Lovefilm have any plans to acquire a much-loved series to have it exclusively on their network.

Trailer for The Following, Fox’s new drama starring Kevin Bacon.

Fringe Renewed

Against all the odds, FOX has renewed Fringe for a final, 13 episode fifth season.

“FRINGE is a remarkably creative series that has set the bar as one of television’s most imaginative dramas. Bringing it back for a final 13 allows us to provide the climactic conclusion that its passionate and loyal fans deserve,” - Kevin Reilly.

This season I have contemplated calling it a day, as I feel the show has lost it’s way, but this final notice should allow them to go out on a high.

Stewie Griffin on Myspace

It looks like all his hard work has paid off, as Fox have announced that Stewie Griffin will be hosting his own talk show, and it will make his premiere next week, up against The Oscars. Up Late with Stewie and Brian will not be making it’s debut on the network though, Fox will be using their online property Myspace to debut this 10 min flash animated event, in an attempt to steal away young peoples eyeballs from the worlds most important red carpet. Guests on the opening show will be Rob Corddry, who will be promoting his upcoming (but already out there) Fox comedy, The Winner. So gather around your monitors at 8pm on Sunday evening to watch Myspace crash.

I Hate Fox!

 come back from my relaxing holiday and whats the first thing I see in my inbox? Fox have more or less cancelled the greatest comedy of my adult life, Arrested Development.

In the past, none of the apparently good TV programs that Fox cancelled before their time affected me (Except maybe Keen Eddie), but now I really don’t like them!

Americans just never understood it. Head and shoulders above the next funniest thing on TV, the recent “retarded British Charlize Theron” storyline? funny funny funny!! Tobias Funke?? Funny funny!! George Michael and Ann?? Shit man…

You can try and save the show by signing petitions here and here, but I do believe its toooo late.

The last episodes will air on FOX in December, and BBC Four late next year. If you are not in the US, get it from Bittorrent for free quicker.. Thats right I said it! Steal it, Fox owe you big time!!