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Televisions Last Stand?

Channel 4 have revealed more details of their upcoming 4Seven channel, a Freeview stream that will recap the best of the past seven days on Channel 4, according to Facebook, Twitter and ‘critical buzz’. As the article acknowledges, it is an attempt to try and place TV priced advertising inventory against on demand content. The key part is that Dan Brooke, C4’s chief marketing and communications officer is clear about the shelf life for this kind of channel.

"Repeats used to be a dirty word, but now there is so much on viewers say they are missing the best stuff they want to see. When we did research we found the appeal of this channel was across the board. People do use online catchup, but viewers really want to watch on a big screen, in their lounge. It will take five to 10 years or so until we have convergence. This is a bridge.

A lot of people I know are already there, watching on demand content on a big screen whether it’s through a games console, a smart TV or a box of some sort. This TV channel should drag the last few million over the VoD finish line.