My Newfound Youtube Love

Ironically, it started with Apple removing their old, old Youtube app from the iPhone, in the hope of ridding Google and their information gathering ways from iOS.

The problem was, everybody immediately went to the app store and downloaded Google’s shiny new Youtube app, and if their experience was anything like mine discovered a whole new world of delights.

I subscribed to a few channels, added email notifications for when new shows have been uploaded to the feed. and I tell you, it really works. The way in which Google have funded some channels has allowed for some high quality, compelling content.

and that segues neatly into today’s news that ABC will be airing a show that started as a Youtube funded original production. Recipe Rehab is cooking show that will expand to 30 mins for broadcast.

Everyday Health Inc., which launched the healthy-cooking series “Recipe Rehab” in April on its YouTube “channel,” said it is making longer, 30-minute episodes of the show, which will appear on nearly all stations affiliated with Walt Disney Co.’s ABC. 

Although Google will be losing the exclusivity of this show, they can be proud that their funding has led to a wider audience watching some quite niche content.